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"Your service made us $22,000 in 10 days."-- Rick Carde

“Thank you so much for all that you have done.  We should have heard about you a whole lot sooner than we did.  We would have been in so much of a better position and a lot less stressed about the leads.  Thanks again.  I have had 10 leads just today.  Thank you so much for all you do.” -- Casey Wirick

“Doubled our revenue.” -- Rebecca Ruth Pasko

“Thanks for being so on top of everything. It’s refreshing to work with someone that just gets it done without having to babysit them. I appreciate the professionalism. Thank you again.” -- Tim Smith

“Hope this message finds you well! So, I have some exciting news: I just got a 3000sqft commercial home for my business. That's an upgrade from my current 300sqft studio. Thank you so much Adam. Your work has greatly increased my business!” -- Morgan Rackney

"Adam, his team, and their ad service is what’s allowed me to get to the next level and hire help. My #1 lead source was the google ad they ran for me from week 1 and it just keeps increasing. Totally worth it" -- Ben Berenfield

“I've never received so many online inquiries. I had 5 online inquiries today!!  Yes!!! Adam took me from a $5000 January last year to a $45,000 month this and minimal change in overhead.” -- Kerry Omerza

“Bookings are up significantly!” -- Keith Benson

“Leads are looking good. Sales are back up and closing on site. Lots of people getting educated before they call us. Going great!” -- Matt Meitner

“This has been the best thing I’ve done to market my business in 20 years. Adam is the man!” -- Bob Campanile

“It’s working really, really well! We’re pretty much overbooked at this point.” -- Lianne Shinton

"Since last Friday (I can’t believe it’s only been a week!!!!) we closed 5 sales!!!! I CAN’T believe it!!! I know i am awkward and under priced at this point until Molly gets to me I presume... but who cares? Even the way i am now it’s GREAT! THANK YOU SO MUCH. From now on I guess I will just keep you updated monthly or with anything that would be extraordinarily for us!!! We LOVE you and your service. 

Update: "It has been a month since 1st client from you signed up. Monthly gross income is 4 times compared to prior months. I was able to raise prices on all my programs on the first day signing up with your company due to an immediate increase in leads. Successfully selling medium and large programs over small programs because I now have a solid calendar booked ahead of me which allows me to pick and choose. After reviewing the amount of large/medium programs I sold for the next two months, price was significantly increased by me again and now I will be choosing clients I really want to work with. Just today I sold one of our largest programs with the brand new price!!" -- Yelena Pawela

"I can’t tell you how much amazing value I have received from your service. My business will never be the same!" - Brianne Durham

"We are very happy with the results since starting with you." -- Christina Roussell

"Just wanted to check in and say that the AdWords are working phenomenally. I now get more calls for Dover/Rehoboth Beach than Spokane and Wilmington respectively. It’s not a matter of if but when I will switch Spokane and Wilmington over to you." - Matt Ferramosca, M. Ed 

“Overall we are seeing a HUGE improvement in calls and emails in general. The leads that are being generated have been great so far as well! We are loving the service!” -- Shantelle Nease

“Phones have been busy. We scheduled 5 demos yesterday.  I've had people ask if I'm nuts spending this money, but it's working..” -- Sandy Brady

"I stay on top of every single [lead] that comes in. I thank God everyday that we found you and your team!!" -- Cherrie Kaminsky 

"Adam I can’t thank you enough for helping me get my client list back! As of today we are booked all the way till April! That’s 4 dogs every week." Jeremie Denly

"We're having great success with your program and appreciate all you do for us!" -- Theresa and Jon Cain

"Just wanted to let you know: I'm fully booked for June, July and 1/3 of the way through August! I'm waiting on 2 more deposits. All after less than a month of your Google Ads management. That's very exciting! I will be hiring another trainer once I'm fully booked for August. Thank you again!" -- Ana Maria Thorne, Seattle, WA.

Online marketing & lead generation expert Adam G. Katz 

Now before you book let me be clear as to what is going to happen on this call:

You are going to make a decision and it’s either going to be “YES, I want this” or “NO, this is not right for me.”

If the answer is “YES” I will expect you to move forward now... not in a few days, not in a week, not after you get back from vacation.

So if you need a business partner, spouse, etc... to make a decision with, please make sure they are available for the call you schedule.

Anything other than a “YES” on the call is a “NO” and that’s final. 

The demand for this is HUGE (see the success stories below) and I’m simply not willing to play email tennis for 4 weeks while you can’t make your mind up.

Money loves speed!

Again, just so we’re clear... there’s no obligation for you to move forward but you will have one chance and one chance only to do so, so please come prepared.

That might sound harsh but here’s what I promise in return

I promise that if we work together I will not waste 1 second of your time and I fully expect the same courtesy in return.

If you can’t or are unwilling to make a decision to move forward on the call IF this is right for you... then I can’t work with you.

Like attracts like so it’s best you know what I’m like now.

So if you’re ready to take control of your business then book a call and let’s rock and roll!

Everybody else... I love you and I wish you all the best.

"Book your free phone consultation and take a giant step toward quickly growing your business." - Adam G. Katz