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“I know what you’re going through. I’ve owned three successful dog training businesses myself over the past 28 years. I’ve also owned a Dog Training Subscription Membership website that made us over 6 million dollars— largely off the back of Google Ads.”

This is without a doubt the best, most cost effective system to generate a flood of booked appointments and leads for your dog training business.

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For Your Ads Only

When you hire me to run your Google Ads, I’m yours exclusively. Due to the “zero sum game” nature of Google Ads, my team and I can only work with one dog training business per market (A market = A city or part of a large city). You may read testimonials and success stories on this website from other dog trainers in your market. But like any business, clients come and go due to: Death, divorce, change of business model, moving to another area, change of career, non-payment of bills, etc. Please contact me and I will tell you if we’ve currently got a client in your market or not. If we do– I’ll add you to our “waiting list” and you will get “right of first refusal”  when your market opens up.

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