"A Rare Opportunity To Get On The Phone With Me For Private Dog Training Business Advice...
And At A Fraction Of What I Normally Charge!"

From the desk of 
Adam G. Katz

Creator of
– The Dog Trainer Marketing Group (Facebook)
– DogTrainerToolbox.com
– The “Katz On Marketing” Youtube channel
– DogProblems.com
– South Bay K9 Academy
– Adam’s Las Vegas Dog Training Company
– Katz Trains Dogs
– Self-published 25+ Dog Training Books on Amazon.com

Need my advice about what to do with your dog training business? Want me to peek at your website and give you some feedback? Wanna discuss some problems you’re having with your staff?

I’d love to help everyone for free, but unfortunately I can’t.

Not enough time.

I ran a Google Ads Agency that has helped over 100 dog training business owners get desperate dog owners to call them. And still advise many of these business owners on an ongoing basis.

I’ve owned three dog training businesses, myself. And I’ve also owned a dog training subscription website that made us over 6 million dollars. 

Not to mention several businesses that aren’t in the pet industry, like a software company, a dating website, two real estate investment businesses, a real estate course review website and many others.

I Hate Coaching.

It’s a huge time-suck.

I’m already overwhelmed by the time it takes to build our “Done For You” Dog Training Business Websites– plus all of the other businesses ventures I’ve got going.

That’s why I setup the Dog Trainer Marketing Group on Facebook (it’s free to join!) because I thought it would be a good resource and leverage the power of all of my dog trainer friends to help each other.

Yet… still I get private requests for my time:

– “Adam, can you take a quick look at my website and give me your feedback? It’ll only take a few minutes.” Sure, right…

– “Adam, can I jump on a quick call to ask you a few questions about how to handle my lazy employees?”

– “Adam, one of my competitors is doing X,Y,Z. How should I handle it?”

– “Adam, am I charging enough? Should I move to another city?”

– “Adam, I’m thinking of opening up another location in a different state. Should I do it?”

I’m not exactly sure why these questions can’t be asked in the Dog Trainer Marketing Group, but apparently– they’re TOP SECRET.  

Here’s the problem:

My Time Is Money.

I’d be happy to help you in a one-on-one context. But my time is valuable and I’m simply not in a position to give it away for free. 

So, here’s the deal: It’s $200/hour to get on the phone with me
(for non-Google Ads advice).

Normally I’d charge $300 an hour. But I know this industry forward and back. So, whether you’re one of our Google Ads management clients or not… the price is the same: $200/hour.

We can talk about anything you’d like during that hour. If you are in the position to benefit from my advice (which just about anyone in the dog training business is), the payoff can be huge. Just having me around to bounce ideas off of is worth much more than what I’m charging. I could literally save and/or make you tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of extra dollars. It’s true. I do it all the time.

Worst case, there’s almost no chance that having me listen to your unique issues and receive my advice wouldn’t be worth the money.

So that’s the deal. And, of course, I can only offer this on a limited-availability basis. I don’t have many free hours. At least not many that I’m willing to sacrifice for work.

“Normally $300/hour but for a limited time you can book at the discounted price of $200/hour– one hour minimum.”

(After submitting payment I will email you in order to schedule a time and day that works for you.)